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Google Launches More Results Button On Mobile Search

Google Launches 'More Results' Button On Mobile Search

17-04-2018Tags: SEO

After extensive testing in the last few weeks, Google has officially launched the ‘More results’ button for searches on a mobile device.

Announced via Twitter, the search engine confirmed the ‘More results’ button will replace ‘Next’ at the bottom of Google’s search result pages. This means that additional search results will load below those already viewed, rather than loading an entirely new page for additional results.

Google 'More Results' Button on Mobile Search - Hyperbrand

When announcing the update, Google explained that the new ‘More results’ button will “make it easier and faster to get more search results on mobile”.

Not Supported On Chrome for iOS

In a follow up tweet, Google confirmed that the ‘More results’ button will appear for searches on the Google app for iOS and Android, plus all other major web browsers apart from Chrome for iOS. Support for Chrome for iOS will be confirmed soon.

Mobile-first Approach

This update reinforces Google’s mobile-first approach, especially since mobile search on Google are more frequent than on desktop - since May 2015 in fact. The 'More results' button update follows the recent roll out of Google's mobile-first index. Your B2B should not only consider the importance of a mobile-friendly website but also the potential impact of the mobile-first index on lead generation opportunities.

Impact on PPC Advertising

It isn’t yet clear how this update will impact the lower ad positions for PPC advertising. However, our strategy for PPC advertising is to always aim for the top positions, therefore it shouldn’t impact our B2B clients’ PPC campaigns.

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