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How Does Google S Mobile First Index Affect Your B2b

How Does Google's Mobile-First Index Affect Your B2B?

29-06-2017Tags: Strategy, SEO, Websites

In November 2016, Google announced the roll out of a mobile-first index. The mobile focus is due to the fact that more Google searches are conducted on mobile devices than on desktop computers.

The digital marketing industry has been awaiting a definitive launch date for Google’s mobile-first index since the announcement in November 2016. However, in early June 2017, Gary Illyes, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, said, “We don’t have a timeline for the launch yet.” Gary Illyes continued, “Our engineers’ timeline was initially end of 2017. Right now, we think more 2018.”

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This means your B2B has slightly more time to ensure your website isn’t negatively impacted by the mobile-first index with decreased search rankings. If it isn’t already, your B2B should make sure your website is mobile-friendly by the end of 2017.

Increased Mobile Search

Google employees first discussed the possibility that mobile search queries would overtake desktop in 2014, but Google officially announced the feat in May 2015. The growth of high-speed mobile networks, more powerful smartphones and decreasing desktop computer sales are all contributing factors to the increase of mobile search queries. Inevitably leading Google to shift focus and favour mobile-friendly websites within mobile search results.

Avoiding User Frustration

The primary reason for Google’s creation of a mobile-first index is to avoid user frustration and improve usability. Imagine searching Google on your mobile device and clicking through to a website that isn’t mobile friendly. You have to zoom and scroll across the screen just to read the content, whilst also draining your data allowance due to size of the webpage. The mobile-first index will favour mobile-friendly websites with responsive design, boosting search rankings.

Outperforming Your B2B Competitors

According to eMarketer, only 57% of B2B marketers said their website was mobile-friendly in 2014, with this figure jumping to 79% in 2016. Furthermore, an increasing number of B2B decision makers are using smartphones to conduct research, interact with potential suppliers and inform purchasing decisions. A mobile-friendly, responsive design will futureproof your B2B website, ensuring mobile visitors absorb your content and enquire as intended.

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Furthermore, the latest statistic of 79% in 2016, means that 21% of your B2B competitors probably don’t have a mobile-friendly website, meaning you could outperform your competition and increase your lead generation!

Your B2B Strategy

Google has openly prioritised mobile over desktop with its “mobile-first world” and so should your B2B. To maximise reach and exposure, you should have a mobile-friendly website, and this should be a key part of your B2B digital strategy. Ensure your B2B website is user-friendly and provides the best experience for prospects visiting on mobile devices.

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