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Understand Ppc Performance Changes With New Google Explanations

Understand PPC Performance Changes With New Google Explanations

06-12-2019Tags: PPC

Ensuring your PPC campaign is achieving its goals including reaching the right audiences at the right time, creating sales opportunities, increasing brand awareness, increasing market share & outperforming the competition, is the task of all B2B PPC managers.

Keyword bids updates, conducting advert A/B testing, monitoring competitors, identifying new keywords, conversion tracking & performance analysis are all essential elements of the ongoing management to evolve PPC campaigns. 

Google have introduced a new PPC feature in Beta to assist the analysis of performance changes.

Understand PPC Performance Changes With New Google Explanations Google Explanations Helps To Understand PPC Performance Changes


Announcing the launch of Explanations, they provided the following:

“Understanding why your performance changes is critical when optimising a campaign. However, it can be time-consuming to diagnose why your metrics can fluctuate. To help you understand some performance changes in your campaigns and ad groups faster, you can now request explanations.

With explanations, you can view the most likely reasons for impression, click, and cost changes with the click of a button. This makes it easy for you to spend more time focusing on optimisation, and less time investigating performance issues. For example, let’s say you notice a big week-over-week drop in impressions for one of your campaigns. Rather than diving into multiple reports to find out what happened, you can just click on the “See Explanations” button on your campaign and ad group tables while in time comparison mode.”

Whilst these Google won’t understand your campaigns as well as you will, Explanations appear to give a quick demonstration of why performance might have changed allowing for further insight-driven campaign management.

Explanations is currently in beta so we will be closely monitoring its progression, development & benefits to PPC campaign management.

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