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How Your B2b Can Increase Sales Leads

How Your B2B Can Increase Sales Leads

06-02-2018Tags: Strategy, PPC, SEO, Optimisation

Does your B2B need more high-value sales leads? The following lead generation tactics can help your B2B not only increase online exposure, but also increase website visits from the ‘right’ kind of leads.

Target Audience

Ensuring your website is positioned correctly is the best place to start. This can be achieved by defining your target audience and conducting keyword research on how to best optimise your B2B website. Without understanding your target audience, you won’t be able to discover the keywords that matter the most.

Keyword Research

Keyword research can help a B2B understand which keywords strike a balance between the best search volumes and relevance. On one hand, it’s not worthwhile optimising your website for keywords with large search volumes if they’re not relevant to your B2B or service lines. On the other hand, there’s no point optimising your website for keywords that nobody is searching for.

Increase Website Traffic

In addition to optimising your website for the best keywords, pay per click (PPC) advertising can help you be found by potential leads the very moment that they’re searching for your chosen keywords. Reaching the right people at the right time is vital for creating more sales opportunities.

Optimised Data Capture

You’ve done the hard work, you’ve got the attention of a potential lead and they’ve clicked through to your website. Now, we just need them to convert. Optimising your sales funnel should be an ongoing process of testing and analysis that is consistently refined, this is called conversion rate optimisation (CRO). A defined sales funnel with a clear call to action can significantly increase conversions achieved via your B2B website.

Lead Qualification

Whether the lead has converted via your website, or you’ve identified them via prospect tracking, the next important step is confirming whether they’re the ‘right’ kind of lead. Researching the finer details, identifying the key decision maker and understanding more about the lead’s requirements can be key when converting this lead into a client.

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