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Google Adwords Introduces Structured Snippets

Google AdWords Introduces Structured Snippets

04-09-2015Tags: PPC

Google has officially released the latest ad extension for their AdWords platform, which once again reduces the real estate for organic search results, and increases the significance of the pay per click advertising.

The new ad extension, called Structured Snippets, should be available to most users as Google has adopted for a slow roll out, which is typical for a feature of this kind. So don't be alarmed if the new ad extension isn't available in your AdWords account just yet.

What are Structured Snippets?

The Structured Snippets extension will display below ad copy and callout extensions, and above any sitelink extensions. With increased functionality, this new ad extension has evolved from the Dynamic Structured Snippets, which were automatically added to adverts based on the website's content categories. Structured Snippets provide greater control, allowing manual entry of the header and values.

Similar to Callout Extensions

Structured Snippets are not clickable, yet provide the searcher with more information without the need to click through. Unfortunately, the new ad extension is limited to a list of 12 pre-determined categories for the header. However, should the categories be relevant to your business, up to 10 values can be added with 4 as the recommended minimum.

Targeting the high-cost industries

The pre-determined headers clearly target industries with the highest average cost per click. For example the header 'Insurance coverage' targets the most expensive keywords for advertising on AdWords. Beyond insurance, 4 of the 12 categories are targeted towards travel and leisure, an industry that has traditionally been a priority for Google with Google Flights. Here are the 12 pre-determined categories:

  • Amenities
  • Brands
  • Courses
  • Degree programs
  • Destinations
  • Featured hotels
  • Insurance coverage
  • Neighbourhoods
  • Service catalog
  • Shows
  • Styles
  • Types


Similar to other ad extensions, Structured Snippets can increase in your ad real estate, and help to increase your Quality Score by boosting ad relevancy and potential click-through-rate. Furthermore, this new ad extension represents an opportunity to highlight important aspects of your products or services that either couldn't fit within the ad copy or Callout Extensions.


The main limitation is the pre-determined headers. If the 12 categories aren't relevant to your business, then Structured Snippets won't help to showcase your products or services. And who knows, Google may release more header options in the future.


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