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Google Keyword Planner Now Shows Most Relevant Keyword Ideas

Google Keyword Planner Now Shows Most Relevant Keyword Ideas

31-07-2019Tags: PPC

Keyword discovery is like sifting for gold. Finding the keywords that matter most to your business creates opportunities to devise a strategy that both improves paid search & enables smarter SEO.

Keywords that are relevant to your services are being searched on Google by differing audiences on multiple devices.

But what are the actual keyword phrases that your audiences are searching for?

The Keyword Planner allows research into new keyword ideas, get bid estimates, historical search volumes & create PPC management strategies for Search campaigns. And the planner has seen recent updates from Google.

Following a complete overhaul of the old Keyword Planner in Google Ads, Google have updated the new planner to sort keywords by relevance.

Relevance huh? Something I think we can all agree is a helpful feature!

To help prioritise which keywords to possibly add to your PPC campaign, Keyword Planner will now show the most relevant keyword ideas based on your seed keyword. 

Google provided the following example; when you provide the seed keyword “boots”, you might see keyword ideas such as “womens boots”, “work boots” and “cowboy boots.” You’ll have the option to broaden your search by adding recommended words to your seed keyword.

Google Keyword Planner Now Shows Most Relevant Keyword Ideas

Additional new features include:

  • Website filtering: Filter keyword ideas to only show keywords most closely related to your business (based on your website).
  • Brand exclusions: Exclude keyword ideas that include brand terms.

But are we getting the full picture?

Google’s Keyword Planner allows PPC managers to ‘Discover new keywords’ & ‘Get search volumes and forecasts’. The keywords & statistics are based on historical data but can this data be used to plan PPC budgets?

Average monthly searches & average cost per click should in theory allow PPC managers to plan monthly Google Ads budgets. But be careful, planner results are often vastly different to real campaign performance.

Search volumes differ seasonally, that’s a given. But average CPC is dependent on many variables & therefore is often greatly different from what you will see when the campaign goes live.

Use The Planner As A Guide, Not Fact

So whilst the planner results will differ to real life, what it does allow is comparison between keywords. Which are searched for by my audiences more than others. Which are likely to cost more? 

Utilising the keyword planner will help set up a PPC campaign but it is the day-to-day management & analysis that will truly determine how keywords perform.

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